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Go Green by Omar Escalante

Omar Escalante
Originally published
12 x 18 cm
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About the artwork

The artist presents his poster:

My inspiration for the creation of the poster was midsummer, when nature turns green, yellow and white. It is a good time to go hiking in the forests of Sweden. In the illustration I want to ”tell” the story of a couple and their dog who are hiking in the archipelago in Sweden. The two are prepared for the adventure while she wears a wreath of wild flowers on her head which is a tradition in midsummer.

Surely travel posters can’t simply remain a cry from the past?

Absolutely not. We live in a completely visual world where the picture is stronger than ever. That’s why the following question hit us: How would contemporary artists depict Sweden of today?

We could not let that thought go, so starting in 2020 we continuously arrange international travel poster contests.

So now Sweden once again attracts travellers with glamour and cries of joy. With the help of the travel poster!

About the product

Hiking in Sweden, that’s the thing! Yes, this is your favourite modern Swedish Travel poster – now as a high-quality postcard! Printed in Finland.