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All aboard! by Ruut Joensuu

Ruut Joensuu
Originally published
50 x 70 cm
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About the artwork

Runner-up, Swedish travel poster of the year 2020.

The artist presents her poster:

Sweden has always had a very special place in my heart. I have visited Sweden ever since I was a child and always found it exciting as well as very welcoming. To the extent that I found myself a Swedish husband and worked in Stockholm for a couple of years after graduating

Sweden is a beautiful, diverse country, with landscapes that change from rugged peaks to evergreen forests and from charming vivid cities to the fruitful soil of the south. I find it highly inspirational, and in my opinion, the best way to explore and experience Sweden is with a train ride across the country. My poster is a tribute to the versatile nature of Sweden as well as to the mindset of travelling ecologically, that the Swedes are known for. All aboard!

Surely travel posters can’t simply remain a cry from the past?

Absolutely not. We live in a completely visual world where the picture is stronger than ever. That’s why the following question hit us: How would contemporary artists depict Sweden of today?

We could not let that thought go, so starting in 2020 we continuously arrange international travel poster contests.

So now Sweden once again attracts travellers with glamour and cries of joy. With the help of the travel poster!

About the product

This modern travel poster of Sweden by the artist Ruut Joensuu belongs to our Custom Print series. That means we will print it individually for you!

We use the latest printing technique, and that’s why we can guarantee that the luminosity and fullness of the colour scheme are outstanding. As a result, the colors will last for generations. And we only print on high-quality FSC-certified matte paper.

We will deliver the poster to you in our stylish Come to Sweden poster tube.