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Magnus Londen

Poster hunter, CEO, founder

Magnus is our CEO and founder of both Come to Sweden and Come to Finland. But his previous life is still following him: he is also a journalist and a travel writer. He has written three travel books (Siberia, S:t Petersburg and Charter Trips) and since 2005 he hosts the talk show Eftersnack every Friday on Finnish Yle.

Favorite poster: Winter in Sweden




Emilia Hytönen

Social media and digital marketing

Emilia is working with our customer support and marketing. She loves all the opportunities that comes with social media: “It’s amazing how you can connect with people around the world and spread your message – for us it’s the message of Nordic poster art”. emilia@cometosweden.se

Favorite poster: Im Hohen Norden

Husain Pazhohan

I was born in Afghanistan, but because of the civil war my family moved to Iraq and later to Iran. Here we lived for twenty years. After I finished my university studies I decided to go back to Afghanistan. The US had by then, 2004, overtaken the country and the Taliban regime collapsed. I started to work with International organizations like World vision and USAID and at the same time I established my own company to export Saffron and dried fruit. The Taliban were once again stronger and while I was working with the organizations I had to leave Afghanistan again in 2015, since working with international organizations was not accepted by the Taliban.

After a really hard and complicated journey I found myself in Finland, and so since 2015 I have been living here. I got employed and I have been working at Come to Finland and Come to Sweden with logistics since 2017. I love both the modern and nostalgic images, they have a feeling of both pleasure and sometimes even a slight sadness – if you consider all the things that has happened in the past.