Lennart Bergström

Lennart Bergström

Lennart Bergström was born in 1914 outside of Falun. Lennart inherited the artistic spirit from his father, and therefore it already early on seemed natural for him to choose a career in art. In the 1930s, Lennart studied at Konstfack in Stockholm, showing talent in advertising and decoration.

After completing his studies, Lennart got a job at a factory where he designed marquetry. Unfortunately the employment did not last too long, as the war intervened and Lennart was called to military service. During the periods between military service, he worked on a freelance basis with the restoration of church paintings.

But the work of restoring church paintings and altar cabinets gave an uncertain financial situation, leading to Lennart applying for and getting a job as an advertising manager at the shoe company Oscaria in Örebro.

Lennart was well-liked at his work, and until his retirement he was responsible for all advertising and marketing of the company and its shoe production. The work largely involved working as an illustrator of everything from leaflets and advertisements to advent calendars.

The work at Oscaria meant creating constantly, but it was all about shoes, which did not give the free rein Lennart wanted. As a result, he acquired a number of artistic side jobs to get an outlet for his creativity. During the 1950s and into the 1960s, a number of illustration assignments were carried out with posters and brochures for various events and activities as a result.