105 reasons to stop staring at the screen

105 reasons to stop staring at the screen

We only have two questions for you today:

• Do you feel like you’ve spent too much time in front of the screen lately?
• Did you know that we at Come to Sweden have an art treasure that can be yours?

Here is our recommendation: Put away your device. Forget Game of Thrones and Instagram for awhile. Instead, focus on your home and on how you can give it a completely new look by simply putting up some art. Already a single classic Swedish travel poster will get you in a much better mood – we promise *.

Instead of a screen, wouldn’t you prefer to stare at beautiful Sweden? This incredible paradisewhere the sun never sets, where the sea and the great lakes are blue like blueberries and every meal is a culinary crescendo.

Let’s be honest: as it is not currently possible to travel, our posters are your best chance to experience the beauty of Sweden.

In our range of posters (you have about 105 designs/sizes to choose from) you will find lovely vintage classics from almost every corner of Sweden.

No matter what poster you choose, you can be sure that your walls at home will be a lot more fun than your instagram feed.

Too bad you can’t scroll on your walls.

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Magnus Londen, Poster Hunter

Please keep in touch! magnus.londen(at)cometosweden.se

*) If you, for some unknown reason, would feel worse after hanging up a Come to Sweden poster on your wall, you can simply return the poster to us. We won’t ask any hard questions.