Poster 50 x 70 cm
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Zweden het paradijs

Originally published
50 x 70 cm
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This poster is printed on high quality matte paper by using traditional offset technique. The poster is delivered in a durable Come to Sweden poster tube. The paper is FSC and PEFC-certified. Fits standard sized frames (50×70 cm).

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About the artwork

The travel posters were made in many different languages, all to attract as many tourist as possible to come to Sweden. This poster is the only one we have in Dutch (so far!). Unfortunately, we do not know who the artist is, since this poster only gives us a signature and the publication year 1935. But whoever the artist is, he has managed to make a poster that really communicates how cold and crispy it can be in the mountains … our winter sports paradise.

If you do know anything about the artist or the poster, we would love to hear about it! Please contact us at