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Gunnar Christenson
Originally published
12 x 18 cm
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About the artwork

Like many other travel posters, this poster came to be through a poster contest. The city of Helsingborg organized the competition and Gunnar Christenson won the first prize with this entry. The focus in the poster is the tower Kärnan, the only building left from the medieval castle that once stood in Helsingborg.

The story behind this poster is a little funny. Gunnar worked for a short time as a drawing teacher at school in Helsingborg’s. The school is located to the right of Kärnan, seen from the sea, and of course the drawing room was on the top floor, all in order to get the best light. Thus, Gunnar had this view from his study, and was therefore able to bring out the poster’s perspective.

About the product

A high-quality postcard.