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The sea bath in Borgholm

Eric Rohman
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48 x 67 cm
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About the artwork

Already in 1864, the first spa resort opened in Borgholm, located on Sweden’s second largest island, Öland. Twenty years later they took the full step out to become a perfect seaside resort, when the cold bath house and pavilion were added to the premises. Still today Borgholm is a very popular destinations during the summer – both Swedes and tourists from Europe enjoy coming here for a vacation and forget about the everyday life back at home.

Eric Rohman was a specialist in movie posters, and a very efficient one! Just in a few hours, he was able to produce a new poster for this weekend’s premiere. Fortunately for us, he had the occasional extra time to make one or two posters for the tourism industry on the side.



About the product

Our travel posters have now been turned into 1,000 piece puzzles! Choose your favourite among eight different motifs and build up Sweden – piece by piece!

Made in Finland
Manufactured by Tactic