Nordic day of the archives

Nordic day of the archives

Today the Poster hunters only has one message.
The Poster hunters wants to thank the archives.

Thank you for saving our history.
Thank you for documenting a bygone era.
Thank you for standing tall through social and political revolutions.

Thank you for letting us visit you.
Thank you for letting us leaf through the dust and find the pearls.
Thank you for us living in a society where public finances are used so that we all can remember.

Thank you for everything you preserve.
Thank you for cataloging tourist brochures.
Thank you for restoring original prints of travel posters.

Thank you to all of you working in the archives.
Thank you for your passion and your interest in details.
Thank you for often being half-crazy archive freaks.

The simple fact is, that the cultural heritage that we at Come to Sweden work with, would never had reached a new generation without you and the archives.

Without you, the generation of today would not know just how hilariously creative artists were well over 100 years ago. How they, together with smart copywriters, managed to attract tourists and adventurers to Sweden.

At the end of the day, without the archives Sweden would have been so much more boring.

Lastly, the Poster hunters want to repeat himself and say: Thank you!